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Virtual Conference

Our solution combines knowledge discovery and 1-1 matchmaking that engages your audience no matter the setting, keeping them constantly curious through AI-driven recommendations. From building multi-track agendas, hosting livestream, monetised sponsored session, to branded 1-1 video calls, your attendees will never miss any of the action.

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Virtual Expo

Our end-to-end business matching caters for fully virtual and hybrid exhibitions. Wow your exhibitors with our fully interactive virtual booths, products showcase and B2B chat. Our aim is to bring your online attendees closest to making a business transaction through your expo brand, and for you to effectively engineer the sourcing ROI effortlessly. Our customers have since made million with us. You could too.

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Virtual / Hybrid Highlights

Contracts had been signed. Sponsors had already done up their booths and physical event banners. The venues were booked weeks in advance. Food and drink had also been pre-catered. Now what..?

Pleasantly and absolutely surprised, that was what our team felt upon the announcement that we are the winner for the 2nd consecutive year for The Best Business Event Service Provider. We went against the odds of being a past winner..

This reflection will be focused on breaking down the fundamental differences between Virtual and Physical Face-to-Face events. By understanding these basic building blocks, physical events will be more equip with the knowledge to help them transit into the virtual realm.

Anatomy of Virtual Events, a reflection.

How Jublia Helped Pivot a US-based Summit to Virtual in 24 Hours.

And again, Best Business Event Service Provider Award Goes To… Jublia!

We are excited to announce that Jublia now fully integrates with the best-in-class live streaming software, under one completely unified event platform. The process is as simple as copy-paste.

In this edition, we are zooming in on how Jublia 1-to-1 video meetings are built with security, scale and personalisation.
Whether you’re running a virtual trade show, exhibition or conference, we’ve got you covered.

The new Explore feature brings the event “virtual lobby” to a whole new level, for organisers to craft their own storytelling, supported by an evolving interface that constantly personalises content and recommendations and to each attendee.

Virtual Event Series (Part 2): 1-to-1 Video Meetings

Virtual Event Series (Part 3): Jublia Re-imagines The Virtual Event Lobby...

Virtual Event Series (Part 1): Live Stream

We’re zooming in on how Jublia’s Messages Chat platform is built for unstructured networking, flexible multi-styled engagement, anti-spamming capabilities and superior attendee personalisation.

Virtual Event Series (Part 4): B2B Chat for Events

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